Grow, grow, grow


At the beginning of each year I decide on a word that will define that year for me. This year I chose the word GROW.

When growing a garden there is pruning, weeding, and tilling that must happen in order for the garden to produce fruit. When we think about growth for ourselves, we oftentimes skip over these processes for our own lives. But, our lives are like a garden. We must go through the process in order to grow.

Looking back over the first 6 months of this year, it doesn’t seem like I have done must growing. But what has been going on under the surface has been deep.  The Lord and I have worked through some tough things, which ultimately will cause me to grow a more vibrant garden of my life in the long run.

What areas of your life need pruning? What lies are you believing about yourself? Let the Lord prune these things out of your heart so that you can grow, grow, grow. Allow the deep-rooted things in your heart that don’t belong be uprooted. God wants your life to be a vibrant green garden full of all kinds of fruit. But in order to grow that, you must first endure the process of pruning and uprooting.  

Today, I challenge you look at all of the areas of your life. Find things that are holding you back, and ask the Lord to help you remove them from your life. You are called to greatness, and today is the day that you start to live a vibrant life. Let’s create vibrant and thriving gardens of our lives.

Carly GerdauComment